20 April, 2014

A new addition

We have been considering the idea of adding a dog to the family for about a year or so off and on. We both love animals, and loved our cat (and previous cats) like children. But having a dog is a whole different ball game. There are leashes, poop to pick up in the yard, vet visits, medications to keep them healthy, potty training, training to be around kids/people, worries about leaving them if we go out of town or away for the day, etc. It always came back to me not being ready for the commitment because I knew I would be the one to take care of the animal primarily, as I am the one home all day.

Well, Derek's brother decided it was time to get rid of his dog, and Derek really wanted to jump at the chance. I was a little on the fence about it just because of the responsibility. I am NOT one of those people who enters into things like this lightly, I hate when people willy nilly have animals coming and going and aren't giving them what they need and deserve. Your pets should be treated like a member of the family, in my opinion.

The reason he wanted to get rid of him as that he was using the bathroom in the house. This concerned me but I was confident that I could train him and he would be a good addition to the family. So Sunday we went and got him. He is a 4 year old Pomeranian named Moses. He is so hyper and sweet and he is just a good dog.

The cat surprisingly likes having him around. I think she really just wanted a companion in the house. We will see as time goes on how much she adores him though!

He has been doing pretty good with potty training (we are potty training as if he was a puppy with the crate at night and when we leave the house) going out ever hour or so. He has peed in small spurts by the door, on my purse once, and pooped once in the house (all by the door) I think he just has to get used to the fact that he is in a place with a yard, as he was in an apartment before.

So far Dane says he loves Moses and loves having a dog and a cat at home and that Moses is the best dog ever. Knox is of course jealous. He doesn't like his stinky breath, he doesn't like when he runs over his toys, he doesn't like when he sits by his mommy on the couch. Spoiled rotten. :)

Overall, I think we are adjusting to life with a new dog well. It may be funny but it is a big change for someone who just has to go in a few times and clean a litter box and once a week add food to a bowl, to constantly taking the dog out, feeding and watering it, worrying about what its doing, buying this or that for it (dogs are expensive and need a lot of crap!) having him in my face, needing attention. But I know he will make a great addition to our family! He is already loved!

24 March, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Dane and Knox, along with their cousin Dirk, went to Arkansas to visit with my mom and step-dad for spring break. They LOVE getting the chance to go to grandmas house. Maybe it is the fact that they get to eat unlimited amounts of ice cream ? Not sure ?! HA!

Saturday before the kids left, we took them to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Manhattan. They had a great time catching all the candy and stuffing them in their pockets.

They left on Sunday and came back Thursday. They had a blast! They did so many crafts. Sunday happened to be Dane's birthday and so grandma threw all three of them a "party" to celebrate.

Knox was a little homesick throughout the time there, because he is less used to being away from me than Dane. But he still did good.

As for mom and dad, we miss them like crazy when the house isn't loud, toys aren't scattered everywhere, and people aren't constantly asking you for things. It is fun for like one day, maybe two, and then you just miss your babies.

While the boys were gone we didn't do too much .Derek is approaching his busy season for work and that means he worked late every single night. He did get in a game of disc golf though so he was able to relax a little bit. For me, I shopped, shopped, shopped, and that gets old after a while (GASP!)

Monday I got my nails done.

We went out to dinner on Monday night and other than that we kept it low key. I was having guilt from eating McDonald's on the ride there, Chinese on the way home, and then out to dinner at Houlihans without ordering anything low in calories, so I had to do some damage control to counteract my bad eating habits later in the week.

Tuesday I highlighed my hair in peace without the kids bothering me :) It is a lengthy job.I am gradually trying to add more and more blonde, without frying my hair.

Wednesday I started feeling sick and came down with a cough/cold. BLAH! I knew we had to get sick one more time before spring/summer. It has spread to each one in the house.

I surprised them on Thursday when we picked them up with Frozen. We have watched it 4x already and I think I know most of the words to the songs. They get stuck in your head! HAHA. Knox is at a phase where he doesn't really want to sit through a whole movie, but Dane really enjoys it.

Saturday although it was cold as could be we headed out to a couple of garage sales. If you have followed this blog for long enough you know that I LIVE for bargains. This winter I have really fallen in love with Online yard sale groups on facebook. They are such a great tool and they are safer than Craigslist in my opinion because you can see the persons name, and in a small community you know wheather or not to do business with that person. You must check and see if you have one in your area!!

Anyway, some people must have canceled their garage sales because they were listed but weren't out. But the two good ones we did go to were worth getting out in the cold! The boys got tons of action figures, Nike shoes for Dane for $4 an converse's for $1, Knox a cars sheet set for $1, and I got BKE's for $2, Ralph Lauren t's and a green cardigan for $3 for all! It is such a high to get a pair of $60 dollar jeans for 2 dollars. Same with the nike shoes, they are like new! I am not looking forward to the day when Dane won't let me buy him used clothes anymore because it isn't cool. HA!

16 March, 2014

Dane Robert, 5 years

5 years ago today I became a mother. I never expected how much I would learn, how much it would change me, change my whole life, how rewarding it could be. It is hard to fathom that it has been 5 years that he has been in our lives, I simply can't imagine life without him now. He is just a joy to be around. He brings so much happiness to so many people, he is very well loved! 

Dane got Super Mario Brothers for his Nintendo DS, And roller blades, with pads for his birthday! He wanted a skateboard, but we tried one out and I think these learner roller blades will be dangerous enough for now! HA! He loved it all! 

He had his 5 year old check up at the doctor this week. He weighed in at 50 lbs! And 45 inches tall,putting him in  93 percentile for height, and 88 percentile for weight. Always top of the class. He had to get 4 shots, which we was not happy about. But he is finished with shots until age 11, so he is relieved about that. 

And now for a picture trip down memory lane!
Dane Robert: 8 lbs 11 oz 20.5 inches long. You can read his birth story here. 

 Dane on his first birthday. I mean is that not going to be awesome blackmail photos for when he is 16 and needs to clean his room or he can't go out with his buddies?!
 Dane at his first birthday, his cousin Dirk on the left side!

Dane on his second birthday. This melts my heart!

Dane became a big brother at age 2. He loves his Knoxie! He is such a big help and he is always telling him what to do. HA!

Dane at 3 years old. Such a sweetheart.

Dane at 4 years old.

Dane is such a sweet boy. He is rambunctious, he is full of energy, he loves video games, He loves to wrestle with his daddy. Every night he asks to sleep in our bed, even though he knows the answer is no. His favorite things to eat are Four Cheese Cheez-its, popsicles, and pizza. He wears a size small or 6 in pants, and size 12 shoe. He loves to watch Scooby Doo, Looney Toons, Spongebob and more. His favorite super hero is Spiderman. He is the love of our lives and we are so thankful for these past 5 years!!

15 March, 2014

Dane's Spiderman Birthday Party

Dane had a very easy-going, low key birthday party this year. It was amazing if you ask me ;) No stress, no handmade decorations, and GASP, he still had a great time, and loved it all.

Invites from Etsy Shop  MMS SCRAP SHOPPE
Birthday and Birthday parties are very important to me. I just love to make my boys feel super special, because I am SO thankful that God has allowed me to be their mother. They are truely a gift. 

 I designed the shirt, and had it made on Vistaprint.
 My sister and I had a joint party because my nephew and Dane have birthday's within two weeks of one another. They LOVED the gymnastics place, and it was the cheapest party I have thrown yet! Score!
 We were so blessed to have so many of our friends and family come out. We had a 16 child limit, and that was HARD to limit Dane's amount of friends that he could bring. But he was very happy with his family and close friends!

 The picks are from Ebay.  My sister just made sheet cakes and we put the picks on the kids' pieces. See, easy-peasy. 

Dane and Emmett blew out their candles a few times, until there wasn't much left of their candles! 

Dane got so many great toys, he was SO happy. That is all that matters to me. He is already planning his 6th birthday party at Chuckee Cheeses. He is so my child!

25 February, 2014

Time marches on

I am in a small amount of denial about the fact that I just signed my son up for kindergarten round up. I am currently researching/applying for preschools for Knox. I feel like this has happened so fast and frankly gives me so much anxiety to think about. I don't know how it will feel to have both of my children in school. Being cared for by people other than me. Learning and growing, making friends, getting in trouble, having fun....

I am a control freak so for me to give control of my children 5 days a week to another human being and trust that they are going to do right by them, that is huge. I had a hard time with Dane going to preschool but I still had Knox at home to care for so that made it easier. Coming to the realization that BOTH of my children will be gone at the same time is stressing me out, but once I get in the swing of things I know I will enjoy the time to myself.

Knox will be starting out at 2 days a week a few hours, so it will be just enough time to run errands, enjoy some quiet time, etc. I will be able to get so much more done on those days, it will make me a happier mom for sure not to have to tote two rowdy boys around target/dillions/hy-vee/aldi/anywhere else I have to go.

I am so proud of Dane and Knox both . They are so smart and wonderful and I want them to go out and spread their wings and enjoy life. I really don't want to be that helicopter mom who is too overprotective, but it is very hard this day and age with all the sickos out there. Dane desperately wants to ride the bus but I am nowhere near ready for that. I hear so many horror stories about how children get on the wrong bus and the bus driver just drops them off at a random location and the kid has no idea where he is. Granted, we live in a small community where the bus drivers would know all the children, but it is still a real fear of mine.

Another worry of mine is lunch. Dane is VERY picky and has never had a regular sandwich in his life, and has only had one pb and j to date. I just know he will not like most of what is served at school, and so now I have to come up with creative ideas to give him healthy lunches that he will actually eat...this will be a challenge. Hopefully he will just adjust and being at school be more inclined to eat/try new things.

Yes, it is February, and I am thinking of all these things for August/September and beyond. That is just me. I think ahead. WAY ahead. I plan out their birthday parties at least 6 months in advance. I order their clothes for the next season months in advance (I am almost finished stocking up for spring/summer) and I enroll them in things the minute they become available. That is just me. I don't like to feel like I'm not "on the ball" with things. It stresses me out not to have things like that in order. (Coo, Coo! I know!)

I don't think there will ever be a time when I won't worry about them, what they are doing, how they are behaving, if people are treating them right, if they are making friends, if they are learning, if they are making the right decisions. Oh my, I'm NOT looking forward to teenage years!!

17 February, 2014

Coco Key

Last weekend we went to Coco Key in Kansas City, Mo. This is our second trip to Coco Key. We went when knox was still a baby and I was skinny. It is a fun place and it reasonably priced (as far as these kinds of trips go)

We went up early Saturday and went to the Legends outlet mall. It was cold and wet and yucky! I had the idea to let them boys go see the Lego movie while I shopped because 1) They hate to shop, and 2) it was so cold and it is an outside "mall" you have to walk outside from store to store. They had a blast. It was Knox's first movie.

I was very nervous about how well he would do and felt guilty leaving Derek to do it with both boys but he assured me they would be fine. He got them their own popcorn/drinks. They didnt eat a bite, HA!

Knox did amazingly. He sat through the whole thing. He told me when he got out about how the guy fell down the hole. Whatever that means! But at least he liked it.

I didn't buy a thing. I think the Legends is just a bit overrated. But maybe that is just because I never seem to find anything except for the kids occasionally at the Oldnavy/gap outlets. Or maybe the weather was keeping me from wanting to shop.

We got to the hotel and went up to our room, then straight to the water park! I didn't take many pictures because I didn't like to bring my stuff down there and have it be sitting unattended.

It was so nice. Knox could play and Dane could go down the big slides and we could watch them both without having to be right up in Dane's grill. He is really growing up. They had an awesome time.

I bought with our room an arcade card for buy $20 get $10 free. My boys love a good arcade. Any chance to waste money have fun! Maybe it's a boy thing or maybe it is just me because I don't remember ever playing games at the arcade as a kid. Just not 'ma thang. But whatev.

Half of the games were broken and they cost a lot of money to play. I was glad I preordered my card or I would have been really mad.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and then again in the morning we ate there for an all you can eat breakfast where kids eat free. It was ok. It was expensive for what I ate but it is a "vacation" Derek reminded me.

I am such a control freak that I generally have to drive because Derek scares me. I get this from my mom and I know it is irrational and I have to get over it but it is hard. I just like to be in control, and usually Derek doesn't mind because he can play on his phone while I do the hard work.

ON the way back it was snowing. I DON'T like to drive in snow, a few days after the snow, or even after it has melted really. But I insisted, because well I'm a control freak! It was crazy. There were wrecks, there were people in the ditches, and there were people driving very slow. Not my cup of tea. Thankfully about half way home the snow stopped and I was able to let Derek drive. Blah, I am so over this weather.

It is actually supposed to be in the 60's today and later this week so we are looking forward to saying goodbye to the piles of snow!

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