20 November, 2015

Jaxson 5 months

I am only a week and a half late on this update, not to bad. Jax is 5 months old now. The more children you have and the more life gets hectic, the more time just flies. I can't believe how fast these 5 months have FLOWN by. I am not looking forward to him getting older and older and older.
Jaxson has been a pure joy this past month. We are so thankful that his fussiness and colicky ways are behind us know, knock on wood. It actually seems like a distant memory to be honest. We finally get to see that little sweet boys happy personality start to shine through, it is an amazing feeling. Don't get me wrong he still likes things the way he likes them but he is getting a little more lax with things, but he is still a homebody who just likes to hang out and snuggle. He is doing much better with the car, but you really can't drive around for hours and expect him to be ok with it. He does not like just chillin' in the carseat. You can't take the car seat in somewhere with him sitting in it and expect him to last more than about 5 minutes. He just doesn't enjoy it. But have you felt those things?! They can't be comfortable anyway. So I used to moby wrap him but now he is getting pretty big and I have not done that in a while, so I have been laying out a blanket on the top of the cart and laying him in there, and he seems to love that! He gets so relaxed and his little feet hang over and he just looks so sweet. Don't worry I keep my hand on him the entire time.

We have actually made the move to the bottle completely as of this week. I thought I would be a little bit more sad than I am but I had pretty low expectations of how long I was going to be breastfeeding based off of my lifestyle and so I feel like I did pretty good making it to 5 months! He LOVES the formula. The truth of the matter is he just wasn't getting enough breastmilk. He was constantly hungry. So it is one thing that made it easier was that I knew he needed to get more than I could give him at that point.  Dane I made it 6 weeks, Knox I did about the same with 6 months, and they both had formula and are amazing. I have no worries. He is also still on reflux medicine mostly for me just as a precaution. With formula starting we can expect some spitting up and some changes so we want to minimize any discomfort. He sure did struggle to learn the bottle but I owe it all to the Lansinoh momma bottle from Amazon. I tried Dr. Browns, Avent, and the Latch,  to no avail. I was getting very discouraged and so in desperation I read a bunch of amazon reviews and landed on this one, and once I stuck it in his mouth he latched immediately!

 It was like night and day. I think it helped as well that I rand the nipple under the warm water to make the nipple warm to his lips. It also helps that when Derek fed him for the first time, he said " well this is nice!" because all the other times he just fought it and feeding wasn't enjoyable for anyone. Adding daddy time is definitely a perk. We have now been able to move to those (expensive) Dr. Brown's that I was worried he would never like and everything is going well!

He still has no teeth through but you can feel them under his gums. He has the top two and the bottom two doing that. He slobbers like crazy and likes to gnaw on everything!

I am not sure his height or weight because he didn't have a doctors appointment this month, but he is growing, growing! He moved to size 3 diapers recently and is in 6-9 or 9 months in carters. He now sleeps in his crib (in our room) in a sleep sack. He loves is. At first he thought the mattress was too hard, he loved to lay and spread out on our bed because we have a 3" memory foam mattress on the top of our bed, but we do not want him sleeping with us, so we had to do something. I bought him a mattress pad and since then he has been in heaven. He loves to lay there and watch his mobile and listen to the music and then he rolls on his side and falls asleep.

Since starting formula his regular schedule has been off but he has been going to sleep between 9-10 and getting up about 6-630 ish. He is also staying awake longer stretches during the day. He takes 3 naps, typically a morning, afternoon, and evening nap.
He is constantly trying to sit up, not matter if someone is holding him, he is in the car seat etc. he doesn't like to sit in the bumbo very often, he just leans down and chomps on the side, ha!

 He has really started to enjoy the jumparoo since he is a lot more steady. He isn't 100 percent there where he can play with the toys yet but he enjoys looking at it all. He does grab for toys when you hand them to him and he can take his binky out of his mouth and put it back in (sometimes, I think it was pure luck!) He rolls and rolls and rolls around and turns and now scoots!! Derek and I were in shock seeing him scooting the other day. It feels like just yesterday he was a little newborn baby just snuggled up and there he is scooting. I am so not prepared to babyproof this house. It is 120 years old and has a traditional layout with 2 stories. I can't see the living room from the kitchen. I can't hear him talking in his crib if he is upstairs. So thankfully we have a video monitor that has been a godsend in this house with no sight lines!

He makes little noises all the time and mimics what you are saying, and he has said "mama" quite a bit but he doesn't say it in relation to me, yet. :(

This has been your best month yet Jax, keep them comin'!

25 October, 2015

Jaxson at 4 months

 Jax is 4 months old! He is 25.75" long (75%) and 15 lbs and 13 oz (57%). 
He is still sleeping all night, typically 8:30-9 to 6:30-7:30 ish. He is still sleeping in his rock n'play even though we also have the crib next to my bed in our room. It makes for a crowded corner! HA! We are attempting to put him in his crib, but we are a bit reluctant because he winds up all over the crib! 

He is still on a two hour nursing schedule. I am still adamant about getting him to take the bottle, and I have been trying the latch bottle so far to no avail. I just ordered this bottle and it has great reviews. Should be here Monday so we shall see! 

It seems like once he turned 4 months he turned into a new baby. He is so fun, making new sounds, mimicking sounds we make, trying to sit up, grabbing toys, chewing on fingers etc. He just started seeing me, smiling and nudging forward showing he wants me to hold him instead of who is currently holding him. We bought him the sophie and he is still trying to figure it out. I think he will have a tooth before long, he is always chewing on stuff and slobbering.
He rolls both ways now, and just recently rolled in a complete circle. He is scooting while he is on his tummy. Most of the time he is pretty unhappy about it.
 He is in that awkward age where he isnt a little baby anymore and isn't old enough to sit up and move himself yet, so that can be frustrating for him. He is constantly trying to sit up in the swing, and now prefers sitting in the vibrator chair more. He also just tried his jumparoo for the first time on Friday! He is still a bit short for it but he really liked the jumping part! 

I think he is getting to be a bit more easy-going. We are just hoping that he will get used to our lifestyle but so far it hasn't happened 100%. He likes things to be just how he likes them, minimal noise but not too quiet. He doesn't really like car feedings. He doesn't really like being out and about for more than a few hours or he gets exhausted. Last month right after I wrote about how his "colicky" ways were getting better we attended a wedding where he screamed constantly from 4:30-9 pm when we got home. It was a nightmare. There was just no consoling him. We finally got him home and gave him a bath and got him to eat. It was so stressful. Since then we have only had one day that he really flipped out and it was just for about 30 mins. Typically a change of hands, i.e. a different person holding him, and a warm bath can calm him down. Some babies are just more easy-going than others. I have come to terms with that and I just have realized that I have to adjust to his needs right now. If that means I have to tell people no, we can't do things, then that is how it has to be.If we have to plan our day around his happy hours that is what we have to do. If we have to kick visiting friends out at bedtime, we have to kick people out. No one had to deal with a crying baby except for us!

He also started reflux meds that are really helping with the spit up. I don't know if it has any correlation. I don't believe that reflux is the reason for his fussiness I believe it is gas and over tiredness but I will try anything to make my baby feel better, and if he seems to
be happier and that is all that matters! 

He just moved to a size 3 diaper, typically Huggies snug and dry or little snugglers. He is in mostly 9 month Carters clothes, 9 month carters sleepers fit perfect, but the 6 months are too tight. 

His hair seems to really be growing in. It looks really light and so I am still holding out hope that I will have a blonde haired blue eyed child like I was! 

I keep forgetting to include this in his updates. When he was a few weeks old his "Strawberry"
Hemanginoma appeared on the back of his head. I think its cute, my little sister had one on her back and it went away after a while. Even if it doesn't, his hair will cover it up! I was concerned about the shape of his head here for a while and I think it is really improving. It is funny how as a mom you obsess over little things that really just work themselves out!

Love you baby Jax we are so happy to have you in our family! Can't wait to see what the next month is going to have in store, I am sure it will be fun!

24 September, 2015

Jaxson 3 months

Jax is now 3 1/2 months, sorry I got a little behind on this post! 

He has really turned a corner and seems to be getting into a good routine (except for last night, more on that later...) 

He wakes up about 6-6:30 on work days and he has even been known to sleep till 8:15 on the weekends! He eats every 2-3 hours. He still sleeps a lot throughout the day but is also has lots of alert time. He is rolling from tummy to back (well he did 3x one day, hasn't since) and is attempting to roll from back to tummy but can't quite get all the way over.

 He LOVES swinging. The swing we bought for him off the buy/sell/trades sites broke and thankfully I had just bought a $10 for my moms house so I had Derek immediately run to my moms and pick it up. He didn't care for the older style one my mom had that went back and fourth, he likes the papasen one that goes side to side. 

Up until last week he was still sleeping in the rock n' play but we are moving him over to his crib (in our room.) His feet were really hanging off the bottom of the rock n' play and he just seemed to not be as comfortable as he used to be. I mean if you feel it it just feels like cardboard on the back! The best part is the sides that make you feel snuggled and the vibrations. Well, the first night didn't go well because he kept rolling over into the side and getting angry. I blame this on our very uneven floors. I dug out the triangle thing that keeps babies from rolling over and that really helped. With us having no ductwork upstairs the rooms get very cold in winter as you can imagine.

 We transitioned Dane and Knox to their rooms around 3-4 months when they outgrew the bassinet but Jax just seems too little to be all alone! LOL even though it is right across the hall and we have a video monitor. So we just decided to move his crib into our room so we can share a space heater and see how it goes. As long as we all sleep good I don't have a problem with him in there. Thankfully our room is big enough it just slides into the corner. I am looking into sleep sacks for winter because I am terrified of blankets when they can roll over. I always worry about him waking up with cold hands but I read online that babies need their core to be warm, and their extremities are less important for some reason and having cold hands and feet are not as big of a deal. I plan to talk to his doctor about our cold house at his 4 month appointment.  

He is 15 lbs 9 oz and about 25 1/2 inches. We didn't have an appointment this month so they are guestimates. 

He is in a size 2 diaper in either Huggies snug and dry or Pampers Swaddlers. I like the Huggies because they have the "catcher" on the back, lol! The others sometimes he explodes out of and that's not good! 
He absolutely loved getting a diaper change because that means he gets to be naked. He LOVES to be naked. He just gets the biggest grin and is so calm and happy. It melts me.

He is in between 6-9 month clothing. His 6 month pajamas are almost too tight but his 9 month ones are a little too loose. 

He typically starts getting tired between 7 and 7:30, and is in bed by 8:30 ish. For the last week or so he has been spitting up which he doesn't normally do and so I was thinking maybe it was time to try and spread out his feedings a bit more. Well, last night I tried to spread his feeding from 4:30-7:30, I had just given him a bath and layed him down on the bed and he just lost it. He cried for 2 hours without being consoled. The only thing that made him remotely happy was a bath. We gave him 4 baths! HA! When he gets so upset he won't nurse even though he is extremely hungry and it is so frustrating. He ended up sucking on a wash cloth and Derek made him a bottle and we were able to get him to take a bottle which is strange because he HATES bottles. Moral of the story is that Mom and Dad don't make the rules, baby does. HA! 

We are trying to get him to take bottles, and I bought a whole lot to try. We have a million Dr. Browns that I have been picking up at garage sales etc, but now he won't even take one. I guess we let it go to long without having him take one and now he won't even try it. He just screams and it is tough on dad when I'm gone and tough on mom when I'm gone because I either have to take him with me or I have to hurry home which is extremely inconvenient sometimes. Some of that you have to take with a grain of salt, it is only for a short amount of time and then he will be done nursing and it will be a non-issue anymore. I am only planning on doing it for the first 6 months like I did with Knox , so we are almost halfway there! Last night he took the "latch" bottle and that seemed to be a hit in his angry fit. It seems to be designed really well to help transition from breast to bottle. We will see. I am going one at a time because some of those bottle are $10 for one, so if he finds one he likes I'm returning the others! Someone gave us a bunch of Avent bottles as well, and he didn't hate those, although the nipple was not as appealing to him as the latch one.

Like I said before despite yesterdays meltdown he has really turned a corner as far as his demeanor. He doesn't cry in the car anymore unless he is in the car seat for a long time.   He is generally more happy and seems to have a good routine going. I think it is funny how people with no kids or older people who don't have young kids say things like" well you just gotta train them to do this or that" well I have definitely tried. He in control not me. Do you think I want him to be sensitive to sound? No, I didn't plan it that way. I didn't plan for him to be fussy in the evenings and I try to do everything possible to avoid it. It is just the way the cookie crumbles, and I have to keep reminding myself that it won't be like this for long. Before you know it it will all be over and he will be grown up and I will miss these moments even though they are extremely exhausting and frustrating at times. That is the delicate balance of parenting. 

It has only been 3 months but I could not imagine our family now without 3. It is crazy, hectic, exhausting, and amazing all at the same time. It is really fun to see all three of them and their different personalities and different characteristics. I can't wait to watch them grow!

21 August, 2015

Jaxson 2 months

A lot has changed from one month to two months!
Jax is currently 13 lbs 7 oz (75%) and 24 inches long ( 88%).

He sleeps all night most of the time, when he doesn't it is typically 3,4, or 5 ish he gets up, eats and goes right back down. So I consider that a win.

He started smiling and even let out his first laughs Saturday when Dad's beard tickled his belly. It was the sweetest moment ever and of course my phone storage was full and I couldn't upload a video :(.

He currently loves to lay on his play yard and even bats at toys. He loves to look around. He also loves to be held still and snuggled a lot. Grandma is good at providing that! I was lucky to find a brand new moby wrap at a garage sale for $10 and it was love at first wrap. He loves it!

I finally got Jax's nursery mostly put together. There are still a few things I want to add/tweak but you get the idea. I don't know when he will actually start sleeping in there. We don't have central air in our house upstairs so right now it is too hot in there without an A/C unit. So we will see when it cools down. I don't know if I'm ready for that even with him across the hall. I still wake up multiple times to see if he is still breathing and doesn't have covers over his face etc. LOL!

He halfway rolls like this but isn't strong enough to roll all the way. We are hoping that is not going to happen for a while! LOL

Thank you sweet Jesus we got him to take a binky! After trying soothie, gumdrop, Dr. Browns, and Nuk we finally found one he liked, MAM's.
Pretty much the cutest thing ever!

He is still exclusively breastfed. I haven't been pumping or giving him formula for a while. There have been a couple times when I wasn't with him and my mom or Derek would try to give him a bottle and he refused it. We need to work on that, but pumping is so annoying! He can go longer stretches now without eating, which feels like a vacation when you can go 3-4 hours without feeding. Of course, not when you want to make or eat a meal for yourself or your family of course!

His brothers love him to death, even Knox has really turned a corner with him. He kisses him all the time and tells him he loves him constantly. I love to see them love their brother! 

His night time fussyness is seeming to be getting better as well. He has his moments but for the most part we just try to get him bathed and in bed by 8-830 or so and he is fine. It is so sad that his final nursing session is always when Dane and Knox go to sleep so 90% of the time I just get a qucik hug and kiss and don't get to tuck them in like we normally do. That breaks your heart as a mom but I have to remember it is a season. It will all normal out soon. 

And just for fun, a comparison of all three boys at 2 months old! Seems like just yesterday they were both that little now, they are 6 and 4! Time goes too fast.

15 July, 2015

Jaxson 1 month

Jaxson was one month old last week!  This first month has been a whirlwind, a crash course in caring for a newborn again after 4 years that is for sure! I kind of thought that it would be easier, like "oh what is one more?" Kind of a thing and it is much more than that. It is a constant juggling act and I am at the center making sure none of the balls drop.

I made this photo before your appointment and I measured a little off, but it is cute so I will post it anyway. I don't understand why my scale and the doctors scale is so much different? 

Jaxson is 23" long (96%), and 11 lbs and 13 oz (89%) He has grown 3 inches in his first month! I was worried at first if he was eating enough (doesn't every mom worry about that?) but this proves he is fine. Actually according to the doctor he may be overfed an that is what is causing his fussiness/spitting up. She said if I am getting more than 3 oz in a feeding he is probably eating too much. I know my breasts can make at least 4-5 or even 6 so who knows how much he is actually eating. He nurses every two hours, and is usually fussy immediately afterwards, even if he is burped, cuddled, etc. It is like nursing is the only thing that will help soothe him. We have tried binkys, and he is starting to take his NUK a little bit more but still not really into it. 

He has been sleeping the past few nights from about 10-2, or 3, and then up again about 5:30-6 which is close to when I wake up anyway. But I am not going to say he is out of the woods yet! HA!

Jax looking so cute during a late night feeding

We deliberated, and used a gift card to buy a rock and play for him to sleep in. Everyone I know raves about them, and so far its a hit! Derek wasn't sure about it, he thought it was just like a bouncer type chair so I had to explain to him that you sleep in it! He does like the vibration though, and on his bouncer he doesn't, so that's weird. The bassinet we had just wasn't comfortable, and I am not ok with him being in our bed that teeny tiny. When he is big enough to move the covers off his face himself, that's another story. 

We started back working at daycare this past week. To say it will take time for us all to adjust to this new normal is an understatement. I look like a bad lady every morning shlepping all these bags around, like I'm moving in and out! HA!  I have a very unique situation because I get to work WITH my kids, but still have the commute. It has been a lot learning how to get 3 kids and myself out the door on time, with nursing an unpredictable baby. I know that I will get the hang of it, I just need to get in a good routine and sleep a little more and I will be good. That is the worst part of it all, lack of sleep/downtime. I feel like I am constantly just going-going-going and then it's bedtime and I'm still going throughout the night. I know it is a season and I'm trying my best to not be bitter and enjoy it. They are only little like this once, and they wouldn't wake you up in the middle of the night if they didn't need you ;) 

I am so thankful to have a job that I can take my kids with me (however crazy they may be) spend quality time with them, watch them grow up, see their milestones, etc, and make money. It is pretty much the best of both worlds. I am also so lucky to have my mom there as a partner because she is so helpful and loves them all to death just as I do. It is invaluable to us to have each other to tag team the daycare so we can keep our sanity, go to appointments/other errands, have days off, etc. It is a blessing for sure! 
Jaxson and grandpa Roger

Dane and Knox are really warming up to their baby brother. Knox in particular. He is always saying " I love baby Jaxson" or talks or sings to him. I am so glad. Knox is a jealous kid so I knew this would not be the easiest for him but I think he has taken it great. Dane is very protective of him and is always trying to comfort him.

Even when he is screaming in the car because he hates his car seat!  

 I broke down and bought a cheap stroller to keep in the trunk because of the fact that most places don't have carts that click the car seat in anymore, (and he really hates sitting in it so it is rare we make it through the store without a meltdown) so I am going to give the stroller a try and see if we can manage with that. We do use baby carriers (we have a sling type one and a regular one, and he doesn't hate them but doesn't love them either. I was suggested a moby wrap but don't want to spend the $40 if I can find one on the buy/sell/trades sites or a garage sales for cheaper, not knowing if he will like it better, and the fact that we already have two carriers.

Speaking of garage sales, I may have went a little overboard this weekend. 

This is what is in the photo:
Netgear wireless n router
dr. browns bottles
kids water/sippy cups,
cloth diaper sprayer
pillow (bought for breastfeeding at night in bed, works wonders!!),
toy "play" food
25 sleepers/pajamas
14 onesies
6 outfits, pants, jeans, and a few hoodies including under armour fleece

I bought all of this for $40! It is mostly 3-6, 6-9 and 12 months. I wanted to make sure I stocked up before the end of garage sale season and I couldn't find the deals anymore. I don't typically pay more than .50 per piece of clothing. And it's all name brand, and some of them are brand new. 

 Jaxson's first fourth of July was spent with the Corrals. We had Derek's step mom and two of his brothers over for a bbq and to shoot off fireworks. At dark we went to Randolph and watched their firework show. Jax did so good, but a few were really loud and scared him but he never cried. 

I havent taken any selfies lately but I have been staying in the 145-147 lb range. I know that I would be losing more weight if I took better care of myself but it is hard!I have to struggle to drink enough water, let alone snack every time I feed Jaxson like I did with Knox. I feel like I am constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off, so it has been a struggle, but I need to be better about eating healthy snacks and eating more often. I want to take advantage of nursing while I can! HA! I will say though, I went shopping with my little sister on her 18th birthday and she helped me pick out some clothes, and it felt SO good to be able to go into a store and fit in the clothes! Maternity clothes suck so bad, they are so frumpy and I am so glad to be done with them. But then the struggle comes with finding a style that is good for nursing, doesn't make you look like an old woman, but doesn't make you look like a late 20 something who is trying to look like an 18 year old. HA! I struggle with wanting to be trendy and wear cute things and wanting to look my age and dress appropriately for my body. Why can't this all be one??

So that about sums up Jax's first month! We are so glad he is here, he is the perfect addition to our family! 

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