28 April, 2015

Knox is 4

Yesterday my soon-to-be middle child turned 4. I can't believe it. On the one hand it seems like he is my baby and just can't be that old, and on the other hand I feel like it just flew by.

We have a doctors appointment tomorrow and then I will adjust his height and weight. I think he is about 36 lbs or so.
He wears a 4t-5t depending on brand, and is in a size 9 shoe, sometimes 10.

He loves to wear hats. Any kind of hat. He also loves to wear his coat/jacket in the house for hours and won't take it off until HE wants to.

This year has been a VERY big year for him. He started preschool, moved to a new house, became the only child in the house since Dane is at Kindergarten all day, he started coming to work with me at the daycare, and he found out he is going to no longer be the baby of the family. He is not the easy-going type of kid that would take all these changes lying down. Nope, that would be too easy for Knoxie to do!

Knox is doing great at preschool. He loves to go now, although at first he had anxiety and a lot of times said he didn't want to go and cried when I left. He knows how to count past 20, he can write his name, and so many other things he didn't know before. They send home a slip every day saying if your child makes "good choices" or if they had any time outs that day. At the beginning of the year he had more frequent bad choices, but he has probably went 20 or more days making good choices. Makes me proud!

He loves the new house, although he is very adamant that he hates our stairs. He says "I hate the stairs! I think we need to get an escalator!" Keep dreaming son!

I hate to say it this way but he is quite the lazy child. He doesn't have the drive to run in circles and play for hours like his brother. He will say "ugh I'm tired I need a break" and sit down. I asked him if he wanted to play T-ball this year and he said "no thanks" just like that. He is not interested in too much physically activity. I still think he will come around though.

He is very strong-willed.  Sometimes I get so frustrated because it seems like EVERYTHING is a battle. From something so small as scooting over, to leaving every morning for the daycare, to brushing teeth, to bed.Like I said he is not the go-with-the-flow type at all.
 This is him at a bouncy place and after 10 minutes he was done.

 He has to be very gingerly coaxed into things and sometimes bribes must be involved or it is a huge ordeal. HA!

At first he was not very happy about a new baby coming into the family. He didn't fully understand all that would be happening but up until this point he has made it clear that he didn't care for babies. He hates how they cry, he hates how they take attention away, etc. And that was true with most children younger than him. Thankfully the daycare has really helped soften the blow of that one, and he hopefully won't take so much jealousy out on his brother! He even picked out a stuffed animal for him at the store a few weeks ago.

We have a 3 month old baby at our daycare as well as two 1 year olds and so he has had to adjust to smaller children than him, as well as sharing my attention with others. It has been such a blessing. I know when I had Dane I was so worried about him feeling left out but he never did, but Dane is a completely different kid.
He started out being very shy and between daycare and preschool he has really come out of his shell. But everyting has to be on his terms, like he is so sweet and loving but only when he wants to be. It took him SO long to even give his grandma a hug! She was thrilled when it finally happened.

 His current loves include Minecraft (the video game) of course, both pocket edition on ipad and on ps3. Him and brother have recently been watching a lot of youtube videos about minecraft hacks etc, and they think those are awesome. I don't get it but whatever. He loves to play army, guns, and cowboys. When he grows up he says he wants to be a cowboy so he can "hunt people" and ride around on his horse. I assume he means hunt down bad guys LOL. He also said that cowboys don't have kids or get married! DUH MOM! He also loves cars/trucks which is no new thing.

He and his brother have a love-hate relationship it seems. They like each other in small doses but anytime Dane is off of school or something for a few days they fight like crazy. It is a power struggle all the way.

He says the most hilarious things. He current obsession is "dude!" for everything. He is so clever! 
The other day he asked his brother if he wanted to "chill" inside with him for a while. "Chill" ha!

Oh and I cannot forget to mention his love for McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. He is all about McDonald's. Any time you ask him what he wants to eat, or he says he is hungry that is what he wants (bleh!) He is obsessed. He is also very particular how his food comes and if it isn't just so he won't touch it. He likes hot dogs, loves ketchup, his new favorite snack is chocolate cereal bars or chocolate covered granola bars. He also LOVES oreos. He used to be an apple juice freak and then one day he just said "That apple juice is too apple-y" and he hasn't' liked it for about 6 months now. So strange! For a while it was milk, then water, and now he is loving orange juice and grape juice because grandma always keeps those on hand.

 He hasn't formally had to take a nap since he turned three, but every time we get in the car to go home from daycare/preschool around 2:30, like clockwork he falls asleep. Every.time. unless he has food and or an electronic device to play on.

I love you Knoxie, you have brought so much joy to us. There is never a dull moment with you around that is for sure! I could not imagine my life without you in it and I so look forward to seeing you become a wonderful big brother!

27 April, 2015

Knox's Minecraft Party

Yesterday we threw Knox his minecraft party. Knox is OBSESSED with minecraft. He talks about it all the time. He dreams about it. He lives and breathes everything minecraft. So of course a minecraft party is only appropriate.

He loved the "Potions"! Dane informed me not to drink the green ones because those are "die" potions apparently. Whoops I didn't know!

I think he looks like his daddy here!
This was the "creeper toss!" where you throw balls into the creepers mouth or eyes.

Homemade pinata made out of cereal boxes and paper mached over it.
On the menu was Dr. Pepper Pulled pork, Cream cheese slow cooker corn, watermelon and chips BBQ chips (Knox's favorite!)

Grandma Rhonda got Knox the most awesome army outfit and bazooka. He LOVES to play army!
Pinata time!

My version of a creeper cake, the hersheys on top ended up being a nightmare because every kid wanted the chocolate on top and we had hack the whole cake up to get a piece of chocolate on each piece. ha!
Knox had so many friends and family members over and we are so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate him. He LOVED the party and that makes it all worth it.

08 April, 2015

31 weeks

 last week before my glucose test.

I am feeling very pregnant these past few weeks. Thankfully I had the stent removed and I feel like a new woman. Now I can complain about normal pregnancy symptoms and not having stent, ha!

This picture is an x-ray they took after my stent was removed and I thought it was cool and had to snap a picture of it.

I had my glucose test at the end of the month and it came back good. I have gained 11 pounds. I am very happy with that.

We had an ultrasound to check to make sure everything is ok with baby boy after all the drama that happened and he is doing great as well. All this that has happened has given me such anxiety because the last thing I would want is for something as "small" as a kidney stone to affect this baby boy forever. But from the looks of everything he is perfect. He is already 3 pounds.

We also set a date for his birth. June 10th. That is exactly 9 weeks away. It seems so soon and so far away at the same time. I feel enormous and knowing how much longer I have to go makes me get nervous. I have recently started to get swelling of my feet and just aches in my legs from standing too long. So that's fun. I have to realize that I have to slow down, and sit and drink plenty of water.

I do feel way more prepared now than in previous weeks. I am really in nesting mode and am determined to get everything together. I had Derek paint the baby's room and it looks great.

We are working on switching out the ceiling fan with one that isn't ancient, and then we will start setting up. We are doing a nautical theme and I can't wait to see how it will come together! The only big thing we need is a swing and I know I can find one at a yard sale so I am holding out. Same with baby clothes. I even bought his first packs of diapers and wipes! Wow it seems like forever since I had to buy diapers although it wasn't THAT long ago!

We also have a name picked out! We will probably keep it to ourselves until he is here, but you never know. We have went this long without naming him what is 9 more weeks?!

Sleeping is a nightmare and I can't ever get comfortable. I am so exhausted by the end of the day I typically pass out while trying to watch a show. I have to get up early (for me) between 5:30-6 to get to work, and that makes for a long day with this prego mama! My arms fall asleep and then I lay on my back and then I can't breathe. Oh the joys!

That about sums up how I am feeling these days. Here is hoping that these next few weeks fly by and we will soon be holding our sweet baby boy, perfectly healthy!


Dane turned 6 on March 16th. Six. I can't believe six years has gone by so fast. It really seems like the blink of an eye. I just look at him and he is so grown up, he has changed so much in the past year that sometimes I get so sad because I miss my baby. Then he says "I'll always be your baby mama" and then I feel a little better. 
His little freckles get me every time. They are the cutest thing ever. 

 He is about 46 lbs and not sure on his height, but he is right in between size 7 and 8 clothes. The 7's are too tight or too short but the 8's are swimming. UGH! So frustrating when trying to buy him clothes. He is in size 1 shoes. I just started asking his opinion on his clothes but mostly he just wears whatever I pick for him.

He is about to finish up Kindergarten. He LOVES school. He is so smart and loves learning. He is the kid who totally has to be doing something at any moment or he gets so annoyed and bored. He loves "arts and crafts" as he calls them. He draws all the time and he is good at it. All year he has been learning sight words and has started writing sentences. His teacher says he has very good handwriting for his age. I just love to see all his papers come back and his cute little writing. He is constantly counting and adding things together and subtracting numbers. His little brain is always turning.

He recently did a science fair project on which part of his house ha the most germs. He was the only kid in his class that participated. I was proud of him although Dad and Mom did a lot of the grunt work! 

He got to present the science experiment to the class and he felt so special. 
 His best friends in school are Luke and Owen, but according to his teacher he is well liked and has lots of friends. This is just what I want to hear considering how much anxiety he would get at the start of the year. He definitely gets his socialness from his dad. 

He is so much like his mother in so many ways, bless his heart. He needs to know details about everything or he gets antsy. If you are going somewhere he needs to know why, when we are going, what car we are taking, how long it takes to get there, what we will be doing there, etc. He has vivid dreams the same as I do, and a lot of times they result in nightmares or bad dreams. He goes through spurts where they are really frequent and then when there aren't any. A lot of times he wakes up really early (like 5:30 early) and will just lay in his room and wait for someone to wake up. He is an early riser like I am, unlike his brother who will sleep and sleep. He doesn't have to wake up until 7 or so for school but he is 90% of the time awake before that. 
 He loves Spongebob, Teen Titans, Uncle Grandpa, and Clerance. He also loves Minecraft and Big hero  6. He just discovered River Monsters and he is hooked! 

This is a picture of a tiger fish, two sting rays and a cat fish. 

He and his brother fight like cats and dogs. They are just about as opposite as two kids could be. They just seem to be at such a difference in their age gap these days and Dane just gets annoyed by Knox most of the time. He is also a HUGE instigator. He will pick on him and then when Knox retaliates tattles.  But at the end of the day they love each other.
 I am sure this is only the beginning of many different points in their lives when they will be this way. 

For his birthday we asked him if he would rather go and stay in a hotel and go to a water park instead of throwing a party. He was all about it. I am so thankful too because I am pregnant, tired, and just started my own business where all of a sudden I am working full time, and some days I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water. But that is a story for another post. We went up to Kansas City for the weekend and stayed at Coco Key. Before we went to Coco Key we went to Dave and Busters. Dane was SO excited he could barely contain his anxiety/excitement to go play the games. $70 later...hope it was fun LOL. 

Can't you tell his excitement?!

He is dad's side kick and is constantly wanting to be by his side, working alongside him or playing games, wrestling, doing boy things. He is the sweetest boy and is always giving me compliments like "oh mama, I love your dress" etc. He melts my heart. He constantly tells all of us " I love you" which is something we do a lot in our house anyway. He has a sensitive side and gets his feelings hurt easily. He takes things to heart. When I was in the hospital he cried when he saw me in there in pain. He is so caring. :) 

He is excited to have a baby brother and I know he is going to be a big help. He already is such a big helper. I thank the lord for you Dane, you are a true blessing in our lives!

18 March, 2015

Pregnancy update: 27 weeks

I have not been blogging. I am so sorry poor little third child! You are loved I promise!
A lot has happened since I posted my 16 week update. We found out at 20 weeks that we are:

Yep, we are going to have THREE boys! I am so excited. I really was thinking it was a girl but I was honestly going to be happy with either. I know how to handle boys and I love being a boy mom. The boys are so excited. He totally has the corral chin too, when I saw him on the sonogram I thought he looked just like Knox in his sonogram!

He is measuring big, at 1 lb at 20 weeks so they moved my due date up to June 13th.

 Here is me at 21 weeks.

Here is me at 25 weeks.
At 25 weeks I was at work at my mom and I's daycare when suddenly out of nowhere I felt like I was having a UTI. I had to pee a lot and it just felt painful like I could not empty my bladder. Shortly after that the back pain started on my right side. My mom had taken her dog to the vet and so I was waiting for her to get home to take over the kids I had to watch that morning. I called my husband and he came out and got me and we went to the doctor to get a urine test to check what was happening. They were really busy that day and so after about 2 hours I was in excruciating pain and was in tears and so I kept calling until I got a hold of someone who could tell me my results and they told me that I did not have a UTI but there was crystals and blood in my Urine and with the pain I was having I should get to the ER. So my husband no more than dropped me off at my moms and I had to call him to pick me up again. He drove me there and dropped me off while he got Dane from school in Riley. By this time I was MISERABLE! They started me an IV and gave me pain meds and then I felt a lot better but still had that terrible pain in my bladder like I had to pee but could not get the relief. They took me down and did a sonogram to see if they could find a kidney stone but they were not able to find one because the baby was in the way I guess. But they were able to see that my kidney was enlarged. They monitored the baby to make sure I wasn't in labor and then they admitted me.

I ended up going in on a Tuesday afternoon and was there until Friday afternoon. The first night and the next day were terrible on the pain. Thursday the urologist did an x-ray and dye test to see if they could see the kidney stone (they were careful of taking only 2 photos and making sure the exposure was limited but I was still apprehensive. I didn't want to do anything that was harmful to the baby but they all assured me it was ok. Sometimes you just have to put your faith in the doctors and professionals as hard as that can be.) They were not able to see a stone in there on the x-ray either. So after discussing what to do with the urologist we talked about putting a stent in to help the flow of urine and possibly pass the stone. I didn't want to do it at first, one because my OB told me it would have to stay in for the remainder of my pregnancy, and that it is uncomfortable for pregnant people, and two because I didn't want to go under anesthesia. So I was a little freaked out. So I decided to wait a day and see if I was able to pass the stone on my own.

The next day came and I still had not passe the stone so we didn't have any option but to put in the stent.  So I had to fast for the second day in a row and at 5 pm they did the surgery. It went well, but the doctor said he still did not see a stone as he was putting the stent in. He said a lot of times it pushes it up farther and so when they remove the stent it should either pass before then or it will come out with the stent. It was not a pleasant experience to say the least. I can honestly say that having a c-section did not hurt as bad as that pain that I felt. It was AWFUL.

I am feeling much better now but still feeling not myself with the stent in. It still gives me that feeling like I have to pee even when I just went and when I do go it still has that feeling that my bladder is not completely empty. If I stand up too long it is worse because of the baby on my bladder and if I sit upright like in the car it is uncomfortable because I can feel the stent inside of me. I have to drink water like a fish and some days it gets hard to get enough in when I am running around taking care of kids all day.

Thankfully I will have the stent removed tomorrow, I do not have to have it in the remainder of my pregnancy.

Here was me at 27 weeks. Fully prego now! I have gained about 10 lbs total. I am happy with that. Sleep is difficult these days both with the stent and the baby belly. I get so tired by the end of the day but I know a lot of that comes with working. I have never worked full time since before I had Dane, so it has been an adjustment.

We have a theme for the baby's room but we do not have too much more nailed down. We don't even have a name picked out. We have a couple we are throwing around, but I am not ready to pull the trigger. I am thankful after much research I found a car seat and a booster that will work in the back of our car to allow for 3 car seats to be in the back seat. I was stressing over this because we had just sold our minivan in May and in October found out we were going to have another one, and I didn't want to get rid of our good gas mileage car with my new 1 hour round trip commute. (We have a Toyota Camry).

It's an Eddie Bauer surefit. It is a whole inch smaller than the one most people were recommending (The chicco keyfit 30)

I think that is all to report as of late. I have my glucose test at the end of March and we will have another ultrasound just to double check everything after all the kidney stuff I went through. Hey any excuse to see baby is a good one for me!

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