13 December, 2014

Baby "olive" : 12 weeks

I was 12 weeks on Thursday! I am still letting it sink in that I am expecting, even though there is no denying it at this point! Symptoms are in full swing and my belly is showing slightly.

We had a doctors appointment on Thursday morning. I weighed at home at 150.8, and I started at 151, but I fluctuate by the day. So really I haven't gained any weight. According to the scale at the doctor I was 153, and the week before when they took my labs I was 155. yea all depends on the day. I am going to go by my scale because I can check it whenever I want.

I am in maternity clothes mostly now. My boobs have gotten so big that is the biggest reason, it makes my shirts very short. It is such a pain to look for maternity clothes!!

We heard the heartbeat and it was the lowest my kids have been, 156. I am not really taking bets on gender yet, although I am just sending out the vibes that it is a girl. I keep telling Derek that if I just keep thinking in my head it's a girl and saying it out loud it will just be true ;) haha. He said I better come to terms with the fact that we may have 3 boys! I am not wrapping my brain around that yet, I'm still holding out for hope it's a girl. I really think that Jamie (Derek's mom) is up there in heaven pulling some strings for us because she always wanted us to have 3 kids and have a girl! We find out February 5th! 

At the beginning I had a lot of headaches which the internet attributed to hormone changes. Thankfully that evened out! Now, I pretty much just have a lot of exhaustion and lack of energy during the day. I also am very emotional. I cry at most anything sad or sweet that I see on tv or that my kids do.

We have not even begun to think about the nursery yet. We have 4 bedrooms upstairs and the room Knox are currently in we are unsure that it will be his room forever because of the way our heating/cooling and all that works in this old house! So we don't really know which room will be baby's an which will be Knox's but I'm pretty sure he will stay put.

As far as baby stuff goes, we basically have nothing. Thankfully my mom saved my crib from Knox, and I had a rocker that Derek's mom bought for us that we have kept that matches Knox's crib. My cousin was using my bassinet and will give it back. My mom also bought a vibrating chair, and that's about it!  I am really looking forward to garage sale season to grab a lot of good deals! It is amazing how much more relaxed about that stuff you are the 2nd, or 3rd time around. I know with Dane I had his crib up as soon as we got it, and started decorating his nursery immediately. With Knox's it was similar.

I'd say that about sums it up! I definitely won't be updating weekly maybe once a month, we will see.

01 December, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This thanksgiving was pretty low key. We decided to invited Derek's Step mom Carol, and his brothers Anthony and Sam along with his family, and my dad. Derek's other brother Josh unfortunately had to work :(

On Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I was painting trying to finish up our guest room, we call it the "maids room" because that is what it is, the former maids room. Anyway, I bent down and tweaked my back. YIKES! So much painting, so much cleaning, so much cooking to do! I was freaking out. I was laid up for the next few days and could literally barely walk. Thank you Jesus for my sweet husband and for my mother-in-law Carol for helping me out. It turned out really great to have our first Thanksgiving memory in our new home, and we so look forward to many more.

I had never cooked an entire Thanksgiving before, I have hosted them at our house previously but this was the first time only myself would be cooking. It all turned out great and I didn't end up doing everything because I physically could not.

 Of course Dane got sick with a sore throat and cough a few days before Thanksgiving in true Dane fashion, who gets sick before any holiday for major event usually! So the poor guy was pretty tuckered out but he has really rallied through it.

07 November, 2014

Halloween activities and a surprise

This year we did a few different halloween activities. The first one being the Spooktacular at the Zoo. 

Next we  had the pumpkin patch! We went with my cousins and their kids. The kids had a blast. Can you believe it, their favorite part of the pumpkin patch was a kiddie pool filled with corn. HA!
 I can't believe that Knox rode on a the zipline!
Duck Race! 

Dane and Knox both had their halloween parties on the same day. Derek and I went to Knox's because Dane's has parents sign up and go to certain parties. :( Knox has been to both of Dane's holiday parties both years he went to her school so he is a seasoned vet. 

On Halloween, we took the kids to Westloop ( a shopping center) to trick-or-treat and then to Chilis for supper, and on home to Riley to trick-or-treat. It was COLD. I opted to stay home and pass out candy. It was a good choice for me :) haha 

So we also had a very special announcement on Halloween to share! 

That's right we are expecting Corral baby number 3! I am still in shock and feel like I'm lying whenever I say it out loud. It seems surreal. It was not planned at all. Derek and I always talked about having one more, and we both knew it was something we wanted but we also were very happy and comfortable with our family and where we were in our lives. But you know what they say, you plan and God laughs. I am feeling very anxious, stressing about the fact that I am going to be pregnant and deal with this big old new house, and these 2 crazy boys and all of my responsibilities as well as starting a new job (more on that later), and the fact that we have ABSOLUTELY no baby stuff anymore. But really it could not have been at a better point in our lives. We just got a new 5 bedroom house, we have 2 great kids who would be able to help out and are self sufficient for the most part, and like I said I am starting a new job that is going to allow me to bring my kids with me. I couldn't ask for more. It is just one thing when you have your first and you don't know what to expect, by the 3rd you know exactly what to expect and it scares the hell out of you! HA! 

I am feeling pretty crappy as well. Lots of bloating, acne, headaches really bad for the first 2 weeks, nausea but no vomiting yet thankfully, and extreme tiredness on top of anxiety attacks. When I get a headache or start to feel sick it triggers anxiety in me and I can no longer take the medications that I would normally take to help me feel better. I am hoping that my doctor can give me some tips to manage it but I know what she will say "What are you stressed about you've done this 2x already!?" 

I am sure once the shock wears off the excitement will set in. I am excited and I am slowly warming up to the idea. 4 years of time going by since the last time I was pregnant seems like an eternity. I am just so used to our life as it is currently that it is hard to wrap my mind around how much it is going to change. But I know that God has a plan for our family and I cannot wait to see what our new life holds. We are also joking that Grammy (Derek's mom) is up there in heaven pulling strings for us to have a girl this time. She wanted so badly for us to have 1 more and she really wanted us to have a girl, so that would be a bittersweet treat for us. 

Let the craziness begin!

Family Photos

We had our family photos taken about a month ago and I had high hopes for these photos. This is only the 2nd time I have ever paid someone to take our photos, normally every year we would just ask Derek's brother Sam to take a decent shot of us for our Christmas card. I bought everyone brand new outfits (yikes don't do that) complete with a homemade bow tie. We got all dressed up and headed to get the photos taken. 
They are lucky they are cute!

When we started, the kids were NOT into it. They are in no way strangers to having their photos taken and so I'm not really sure what their deal was. But if you have more than one kid you know they feed into each other so when one starts acting out the other one follows. 
I won't give the name of the photographer because I am sure as a photographer myself I have higher expectations of what I was expecting them to be, and we only had a mini session so the care and the time and all that just didn't seem there. You win some you lose some I guess.... 
So here are the photos that were decent. If I had my choice I would choose the one where we are sitting down but I had a dress on and I had to photoshop my own photo to cover up my legs because I would never send a photo of my legs that way in a christmas card. 

 see, his eyes are closed!

my favorite one. 

12 October, 2014

A few changes

Some of the changes we have made since we moved in include the dining room and the entry way. These were the 2 rooms I did not like the dark green color of as it made the room seem smaller and less inviting than it should. 

So we spend 2 weeks painstakingly patching the plaster, sanding, sanding, sanding, to remove the wallpaper and paint. It was worth it though as it has really transformed the rooms!! 



I love it! I am still on the search for a perfect dining room table. I have very specific things I want it to be and I am holding out for the perfect one. 

Entryway before and after: 

 We installed a new runner for the stairs and I love it. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but for 50 dollars versus 200+, I was ok with it for now! HAHA!

I am currently working on Dane's room, aka the dark star room. It has been a pain! It will hopefully be done in the next week!

11 October, 2014

Knox's first two months of preschool

Knox has been in preschool for 2 months. He goes 2 days a week for 2 hours. He started out very anxious and not really wanting to be separated from me, and now he has changed to saying that he is going to miss me and that's it. No big deal. I am so proud of him. The biggest thing I want Knox to accomplish in preschool is social skills as well as learning to take direction and discipline from another adult besides mom and dad. And his teacher Miss Stacy is perfect for that. It is the reason I drive about 120 miles on the days he has preschool to take him to her class. It is a lot of driving but it is very valuable time for both of us. I don't remember the last time I was able to go to hobby lobby, or goodwill without the boys being annoyed or getting impatient. I can grocery shop alone. In the middle of the day. It is almost a game changer.

I also really enjoy my time alone with Knox. We have got to bond in a way we hadn't before when it was all 3 of us there during the day. He just talks and talks, and talks some more. Mostly about minecraft. He lives, breathes, and sleeps minecraft. When he isnt literally playing the game, he is pretending to play minecraft with his "imaginatiiiiooon" he says. He dreams about it. It is everything to him right now! Ha!

 He is so hilarious. He is the cutest thing ever. I absolutely love this kid. He is the most wonderful addition to our family.

He has a loving heart. He is a little bit of a scardy cat but we are working on that! He idolizes his brother although his brother doesn't always want him around. He constantly tells me he wants to be 5 like Dane or he wishes Dane was 4 not five. He just wants a little buddy back. Dane has shifted into a more bigger kid and wants to do different things than Knox does which is understandable.

Keep it up Knox, we are so proud of you!

Kindergarten and Fall Parent Teacher Conference

Dane has been in Kindergarten for almost two months now. To say I was uneasy about this transition is an understatement. And that was BEFORE we decided to randomly pick up and move to another school district.

Dane has been looking forward to kindergarten since he turned 4. He knew when he turned 5 he got to go to Kindergarten and he couldn't wait. Well it has been a month and he is still enjoying it for the most part.

The first 2 weeks were half days, as the school wanted to ease the kids into the all day adjustment. I think it was a good choice. All day every day is something new for Dane and I. He has never been around kids his age all day everyday, or even 2 days in a row.

He had his first field trip  to see a very hungry caterpillar exhibit at McCain auditorium. This was his first time riding the bus. He had more to say about the bus than anything! HA!

 He was recently "bear hug student of the week" which means he gets to put up photos of himself and talk about what kind of things he likes etc, and I was able to come in and read to his class from his current favorite book. He loved it and it SO touched my heart in a way he may never know. He stood right by me and when I finished reading he gave me a big hug in front of the class and told me he loved me. It was one of those moments I may never forget. This is when I am SO thankful for the ability to be a stay at home mom. So many parents don't get the luxury of being able to do these little things, and I do. I would not have it any other way. They are only young once and you can't get that time back.

He is really starting to enjoy school now and getting in the swing of things. He hates when he has homework. (what kid does!) and he loves to read the books he checks out from the library. He has made lots of new friend. I am so thankful!

 He is working on letters, the correct formation of them and proper way and size to write them. He is also learning to tie his shoes. He did his first loop-swoop-and-pull the other day. I know I am a little behind on this but he has been really just using velcro shoes for the last few months. HAHA!

Keep up the good work buddy!

New House before Photos

I have been meaning to write a post about the new house before it isn't so new anymore. We have lived here for a month now! We could not be happier about our decision. Some things are taking some getting used to, and some things are way beyond what we could have imagined! Here are some photos I took when we first moved in. I apologize if they are dark or choppy I was in a hurry!

large wrap around porch. Pretty sure this is my favorite place! 

 One side of the house is a different color. LOL I actually like these colors as opposed to the not so victorian colors she chose, but whatever.
 Door for sending ice through to the kitchen.
 This is a shed/outbuilding that actually used to be an antique store by the 2nd owners. It is in very bad shape.

The "Carriage House" 

Root cellar attached to the maids room.

Formal living room 

side door
 entryway hall
 entryway hall/staircase
 Dining room

 GAH....I'm in love with the few original light fixtures!!

 "Family Room"

 Family room leads into sunroom
This is the downstairs bathroom. She just recently "finished" it with that cheapo vanity and lighting. She has a claw foot tub out in the shed she was going to install, and so we are going to be doing that. I cannot be without a bathtub :( 

 This used to be a closet in the family room, and it is now a water closet with 2 weird doors.
 Sunroom/utility room as the laundry is out here.

 Maids room /5th bedroom
 Kitchen entry from sunroom


The upstairs....

 Dane's room, before. A dark blue room with stars every inch of the room is painted including the fan and the electrical outlets, and floor.

 goes into the second bedroom

 built in in the hallway
 The smallest bathroom ever. It was made out of a closet. It literally does not even have an outlet.
 Tile is nice though.
 Third bedroom, across from our room.

 Master bedroom.

 Big walk in closet! (For Me anyway!)

This is an original photo that the owners left. I can't believe it is the same house. It looks so different! I am so thankful for this photo. So amazing. We are also very lucky to have the original owners Wills and all financial documents pertaining to the house. It is really cool knowing all the families who lived here. We are only the 4th owners. 

As you can tell it is a fixer-upper! It is amazing though. We are just starting to get used to the querks of an old house with the electricity and the different things. We have been working our little tails off every weekend and almost every day making changes. It is no joke when people say "money pit". We are working toward our Housewarming part at the beginning of November, and that has really pushed us into getting all the rooms somewhat how we want them to be set up. It will be never ending though between all of this houses space. Stay tuned!

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