25 June, 2015

Jaxson at 2 weeks

Jaxson was 2 weeks old yesterday! Time is flying by and I am trying to enjoy all the little snuggles and everything because I know I'm going to wake up and he wont be a newborn baby anymore and I will miss it so :(.

He was 9 lbs and 7 oz on Monday and 20 and 6/8" long, so not quite back up to birth weight yet, but has almost gained an inch in length!!
His circumcision ring fell off at 8 days old! And the next day off came his umbilical cord! He is an early bloomer I guess!

He sleeps a lot, especially during the day. He will wake up usually around 11 ish, then 1-2 then again around 4 and again around 6:30-7, so we have been having Derek give him a bottle while he is still up around 11, and sometimes 1 depending on how late Derek is up, and then I can get some more sleep. 
He sleeps in our room, either in his bassinet or in our bed. He prefers the latter.  I don't blame him, they don't make those things very comfortable! 

He likes his swing and he really doesn't care for the bouncer/vibrator chair. He also likes the bassinet that is attached to our playpen that we have set up in the living room. He also enjoys just laying on the floor. He is getting a lot more alert, and loves to look around. He is not too crazy about his carseat but typically sleeps as soon as you get him in there.

He loves baths now! He was cracking me up last night he just looked to me like he was chilling in a warm baby hot tub! He loves it! 

He has been nursing, taking breast milk from a bottle, and at times getting formula also. Nursing has gotten a lot easier but I am still unsure of what I am going to do and for what period of time I will do it. Last week I was convinced that it was all too much to handle and I wanted to give up, and this week I feel like I have a better handle on it. Pumping is no fun though, the bottles you have to wash, the constant pumping, feeding, washing. Not the way I want to spend my time. So I gave nursing another try and was very surprised and happy to see how easily he was able to do both. 

This kid poops like crazy! I don't recall Dane ever pooping or peeing on me, I recall one time of Knox pooping on me while changing him, but I swear that 90% of the time that I open his diaper HE POOPS ALL OVER! I have went through already 2 1/2 packs of diapers and almost 2 tubs of baby wipes! Yikes! 

Jaxson is such a sweet, chill baby and we could not imagine life without him now! It is so funny the things you don't even realize you wanted until they are here! :) 

At 2 weeks postpartum I am starting to feel MUCH better. I have been wearing my belly band thing most days and it really does help me feel better. I don't like to sleep in it and I honestly don't care for the brand that I chose (Upspring shrinkx belly )I think it is not very well made (mine is already coming apart) and doesn't seem to fit in all the right places, but for the most part it gets the job done. I do believe the concept is right, and it does seem to help my incision feel better. 

I weighed 152 at the doctor yesterday (149 according to my scale), and according to their scale I was 153 when I started out, so I have lost one extra pound! I have been trying to eat more often throughout the day and it seems to be helping. I have been trying to eat as many healthy snacks as possible, but as far as main meals I have just been eating whatever I want. I am not trying to go on a diet just be healthy and see where nursing takes me for now.

17 June, 2015

Jax's first week

Jax is one week old already. Man it has been quite the week!

Friday evening was our first night home, and we started out with visitors, Grandma Carol and Uncle Anthony. They just loved him!

 Grandma Carol
 Carol, Uncle Anthony, and his girlfriend Cheylynne
 The first night was rough. My milk was coming in and I was really engorged and it was making it hard to latch on. He cried and cried and it was a long night. He had been latching on so well and sleeping so well in the hospital I didn't really expect for it to be that rough.

The next night was much better. He was up about every 2-3 hours but much less crying.
The last 2 nights have been great, Monday night he got up one time and then slept from about 12:30-1 to 8:30. I swear I felt like a new woman after that nights sleep! Tuesday night he was up twice and was very calm and just went right back to sleep. I can handle those types of feedings because you just get into a routine and then it doesn't seem to bother you after a bit.
He did not really dig his first bath. But since he has really enjoyed them so he must have just not been in the mood. HA!
He has been opening his eyes more and more and getting more alert which is so adorable. I think he makes the funniest faces!

Monday Derek had to go to work in the morning and we had a doctors appointment to check up on baby's weight so he had to be home by 1 to get us there by 2. Well, he was held up and I had to get all 3 ready to go plus myself being sore from a c-section and it was a different experience. When you go 4 years between babies you tend to forget how much time babies take feeding. Your life basically revolves around how long you have between feeding and what you can get done.

So we made it there, and he is doing great! He left the hospital weighing 8 lbs 15 oz and he was 9 lbs 5 oz so he gained 5 oz since Friday which is great! During his doctors appointment he had 2 poopy diapers, and then his brother (Knox) ran right into the open part of the door giving himself a goose egg :( Life with 3 boys!

After that we too all three to target and we were probably there for an hour and the boys all did really well. We had to get 2 carts, Derek could not believe that the newer car seats don't clip into the top part of the carts like they used to, which is quite inconvenient but at the same time, I can't see over those so it is ok by me but where are you supposed to put your items?? 

He slept through the whole thing!

Speaking of Knox the boys are warming up to him nicely. Dane LOVES him.

He is constantly coming up giving him kissing talking to him etc. Knox is more stand off ish but will still speak nicely of him and will still say he loves him and he's cute and all that, just won't get too close to him! He has been acting a little crazy, a little whinier and a little more mischievous than normal but that is to be expected. I think overall he is adjusting well.

 The worst part of being a mom of 3 is when you have to tell one child hang on I have to do this with the baby or I have to help brother with this, etc. I never want them to resent their brother for taking time away from them. I have just been trying to give them extra hugs and kisses and remind them how much I love them. Dane wears his heart on his sleeve but Knox shows his emotions with his actions.
 The three loves of my life!

At 1 week postpartum I am starting to take a turn for the better. I feel like at first I was thinking "oh, this is a breeze", and then when I got home I started to feel like a train hit me. Even with Derek here, it is a lot to have 3 kids and recover from a c-section and still have to be the person who manages the household and gets everything/everyone organized. I know I am probably trying to do too much but it is just my nature not to sit and relax and do nothing when there are things to be done.

At one week postpartum I am weighing 154, so 3 more pounds to go before I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I don't quite feel back to "normal" yet but I am sure it will come soon. When you give birth your body goes through so much it takes a while before you feel somewhat normal.

I went back and fourth during the end of my pregnancy trying to decide if I wanted to buy a postpartum compression girdle thingy or not. I could not make up my mind if it was something that would really make a difference or if it was just another thing that women buy to look skinnier and have it not work. I was at first looking at the Bellefit but at over $100 I wasn't wanting to take a chance on it, since I didn't know how comfortable it would be, how long I would want to wear it etc. So after looking around and reading reviews I found the Upspring Shrinkx Belly wrap. I bought it on Amazon for $40 and I got it yesterday (6 days postpartum). So far, I love it. it fits well, stays in place, and really makes me feel like my whole belly isn't sticking out. The one thing I don't like about it is that it is not smooth in the front so if you wear a tighter shirt you can see that you are wearing something underneath.

I figure for $40 I can feel OK about the fact that it may or may not be a bunch of hoopla. I will give it a try and hope that it helps, because the bump that you get from having a c-section takes forever to go away (aka....I'm still waiting for Dane's to go away! ha!) I tried everything to get my stomach to get flatter and nothing seemed to work. So we shall see!

Breastfeeding has been a struggle for me. I didn't really think too much about my plans to breastfeed/pump etc. I knew my insurance would cover my pump so I bought bottles and breast milk storage bags but I didn't really know if I was going to be using them for a while or not. I guess I just assumed that it would all work out. That is kind of my mantra with this baby. Less stressing out over how everything will go, just go with the flow, and see how everything plays out.

He has had so much trouble getting a good latch and sometimes it can take 10 minutes or more to get a good latch, and it can be so frustrating. I can't help but think that he could be done eating by the time he just gets started nursing. I have tried what I believe is all the tricks and I've looked at youtube videos etc, trying to figure out how to get him to latch better, and he still latches, takes a couple of sucks, and then releases. Constantly. I've tried pumping some out so it's not so full, I've tried the "sandwich fold" I even bought a nipple shield he really didn't like that. So it's not that I haven't tried. I am just not sure how working at the daycare, and nursing/pumping/feedings in general will work out. I want to make breastfeeding work, and I hate to selfishly stop breasfeeding because I don't want to deal with the hassle, but at the same time I want to keep my sanity. I haven't made any decisions yet just something I am thinking about. I didn't breastfeed Dane and I nursed Knox for 6 months and both are happy healthy boys so I know what ever I choose will be OK. I think the biggest part is the mommy guilt you feel.

Jaxson Joseph Corral

Baby Corral is here!! 

Jaxson Joseph Corral was born June 10th at 7:51 a.m.

 He weighed a whopping 9 lbs 11 oz and was 20 inches long.

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 for my scheduled c-section, but I could not sleep so I was up at 4. I got up did my hair, cleaned things up a bit and before I knew it I was waking up Derek to leave. I was surprisingly calm. I had done this two times before and I knew now what to expect. I wasn't nervous I was just excited at this point to see my boy after all this time. 

I weighed in at 171 on the morning of my c-section, making my total gain at 20 lbs.

 So ready to say goodbye to that belly!

 I wasn't nervous until they walked us back and the anesthesiologist started poking at my back. I had a small moment of anxiety and then calmed down, until they laid me down and were getting set up and then all of a sudden I couldn't breath and needed oxygen to calm down. I was trying my best to be calm cool and collected because I knew Dr. Bennett would not be having me acting like a baby! ha! and really after I was able to breath good I was OK. They started cutting and then it was time to pull him out, and they had a lot of trouble getting his shoulders out. I could feel all the tugging but you don't feel "pain". They could not believe how big his shoulders were and then they laid him down on the scale and couldn't believe how big he was! Dr. Bennett told me before we started "there's no way he is even 9 lbs judging by the size of that belly" Well she was wrong! HA! He is the biggest corral and the "shortest" at birth. I did find out that Derek's mom Jamie was the same height and weight at birth so that was a cool way for them to be connected even though they didn't get a chance to meet. 

They took him to the nursery while they finished with me, and as soon as I was in recovery they told me that since he was so big they had to monitor his blood sugars. His were OK (anywhere above 40 is acceptable) but they needed me to nurse him right away or else they would be forced to give him a bottle to make sure his levels stayed up. I had no more than got to say hello to him and I had to try to nurse him. It was stressful. He was so sleepy I tried really hard to nurse him off and on all day and he would just fall asleep every time. So we eventually gave him about one oz of formula just to ensure that he was going to be good on his blood sugar. I didn't want to but some things are just out of your hands. 

The rest of the hospital stay went pretty good. He nursed pretty well and latched on relatively well throughout the whole rest of the stay. 

We left on Friday afternoon and we could not wait to get back home!

Welcome home baby Jax! We can't wait to get to know you!

23 May, 2015

37 weeks

I was 37 weeks on Wednesday. SO 2 and 1/2 weeks to go until we meet this little guy. I am up 16 lbs  and I am very happy with that! I can definitely tell that I am getting bigger by the day though. 

 34 weeks 
36 weeks 
37 weeks

On My birthday (may 11th) I had an IVP test to check on my kidneys to see if they are functioning. I had an ultrasound that showed that my kidneys were still dilated, and the ultrasound tech said it was hydronephrosis. I was freaked out because she said that it was urine backing up into my kidneys which really scared me. My biggest fear aside from any of this hurting baby boy is that I am going to continue to have kidney problems for the rest of my life. So I saw my urologist and he recommended and IVP to make sure my kidney is functioning. I was unsure because I felt like I was so close to being done (35 weeks at the time) and I didn't want to put more stress on baby. But they assured me that it doesn't effect him so I went ahead and did it. I am so glad that I did because I was so relived to find out that my kidney is functioning fine and the dilation was just from the baby and he is confident that I passed the stone that I had. The best part was when he told me "If you would like to come get checked out after the baby that is ok, if not that is ok too." Thank you Jesus I am done with that place! I liked my doctor but am happy to be finished with that chapter (hopefully). 

Here is the x-tray that I got at 35 weeks.
To see how he is positioned in there is so fascinating to me. I love it! 

At 36 weeks I was checked and not dilated (cervix wise) at all. At 37 weeks I was 75 percent effaced but not dilated at all. She also said I was measuring a week ahead. I asked to be checked just out of curiosity because with Dane I didn't dilate, with Knox they checked me one time and that was it, and this pregnancy has been so different that I am not ruling anything out. The doctor did warn me that each baby you have tends to be bigger than the last and that freaks me out because Dane was 8 lbs 11 oz and Knox was 9 lbs. In three weeks I have a feeling this baby is going to be HUGE if he doesn't come sooner. I have been having lots of uncomfortable-ness down low especially right after I get up. I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions but nothing major. My biggest complaint lately is swelling of my feet and sometimes my hands. 

As far as getting ready for baby we have everything bought and good to go. All we need to do really is put his car seat in and pack our bags. One thing that I have been having so much trouble with is finding nursing bras. I have big boobs and they will only get bigger after I have the baby so I have been having such a hard time picking out what to buy. Physically in the stores in town there is nothing in my size so everything has to be ordered. And expensive. For now I bought some "comfy bras" they are called and I guess I will just see how it goes and what size I actually need when I have the baby. 
  Dane and Knox are getting excited and I am so excited to hear them talk about him and say his name and all that. I was particularly worried about Knox being the baby but he seems to be getting used to the idea. We will see how much he likes him when he gets here! HA! 

My sister got these shirts at the carters store, I love them! I can't believe I am going to be living with 4 boys here in a few weeks. Sometimes I seriously feel like I live in a frat house and want to lose my mind, but really, I wouldn't want it any other way. I do enjoy being the Queen of the family. HA! 

        Dane                                      Knox                                       Baby #3                  
And just for fun, where is a side by side of all 3 of my boys at 37 weeks! 

28 April, 2015

Knox is 4

Yesterday my soon-to-be middle child turned 4. I can't believe it. On the one hand it seems like he is my baby and just can't be that old, and on the other hand I feel like it just flew by.

We have a doctors appointment tomorrow and then I will adjust his height and weight. I think he is about 36 lbs or so.
He wears a 4t-5t depending on brand, and is in a size 9 shoe, sometimes 10.

He loves to wear hats. Any kind of hat. He also loves to wear his coat/jacket in the house for hours and won't take it off until HE wants to.

This year has been a VERY big year for him. He started preschool, moved to a new house, became the only child in the house since Dane is at Kindergarten all day, he started coming to work with me at the daycare, and he found out he is going to no longer be the baby of the family. He is not the easy-going type of kid that would take all these changes lying down. Nope, that would be too easy for Knoxie to do!

Knox is doing great at preschool. He loves to go now, although at first he had anxiety and a lot of times said he didn't want to go and cried when I left. He knows how to count past 20, he can write his name, and so many other things he didn't know before. They send home a slip every day saying if your child makes "good choices" or if they had any time outs that day. At the beginning of the year he had more frequent bad choices, but he has probably went 20 or more days making good choices. Makes me proud!

He loves the new house, although he is very adamant that he hates our stairs. He says "I hate the stairs! I think we need to get an escalator!" Keep dreaming son!

I hate to say it this way but he is quite the lazy child. He doesn't have the drive to run in circles and play for hours like his brother. He will say "ugh I'm tired I need a break" and sit down. I asked him if he wanted to play T-ball this year and he said "no thanks" just like that. He is not interested in too much physically activity. I still think he will come around though.

He is very strong-willed.  Sometimes I get so frustrated because it seems like EVERYTHING is a battle. From something so small as scooting over, to leaving every morning for the daycare, to brushing teeth, to bed.Like I said he is not the go-with-the-flow type at all.
 This is him at a bouncy place and after 10 minutes he was done.

 He has to be very gingerly coaxed into things and sometimes bribes must be involved or it is a huge ordeal. HA!

At first he was not very happy about a new baby coming into the family. He didn't fully understand all that would be happening but up until this point he has made it clear that he didn't care for babies. He hates how they cry, he hates how they take attention away, etc. And that was true with most children younger than him. Thankfully the daycare has really helped soften the blow of that one, and he hopefully won't take so much jealousy out on his brother! He even picked out a stuffed animal for him at the store a few weeks ago.

We have a 3 month old baby at our daycare as well as two 1 year olds and so he has had to adjust to smaller children than him, as well as sharing my attention with others. It has been such a blessing. I know when I had Dane I was so worried about him feeling left out but he never did, but Dane is a completely different kid.
He started out being very shy and between daycare and preschool he has really come out of his shell. But everyting has to be on his terms, like he is so sweet and loving but only when he wants to be. It took him SO long to even give his grandma a hug! She was thrilled when it finally happened.

 His current loves include Minecraft (the video game) of course, both pocket edition on ipad and on ps3. Him and brother have recently been watching a lot of youtube videos about minecraft hacks etc, and they think those are awesome. I don't get it but whatever. He loves to play army, guns, and cowboys. When he grows up he says he wants to be a cowboy so he can "hunt people" and ride around on his horse. I assume he means hunt down bad guys LOL. He also said that cowboys don't have kids or get married! DUH MOM! He also loves cars/trucks which is no new thing.

He and his brother have a love-hate relationship it seems. They like each other in small doses but anytime Dane is off of school or something for a few days they fight like crazy. It is a power struggle all the way.

He says the most hilarious things. He current obsession is "dude!" for everything. He is so clever! 
The other day he asked his brother if he wanted to "chill" inside with him for a while. "Chill" ha!

Oh and I cannot forget to mention his love for McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. He is all about McDonald's. Any time you ask him what he wants to eat, or he says he is hungry that is what he wants (bleh!) He is obsessed. He is also very particular how his food comes and if it isn't just so he won't touch it. He likes hot dogs, loves ketchup, his new favorite snack is chocolate cereal bars or chocolate covered granola bars. He also LOVES oreos. He used to be an apple juice freak and then one day he just said "That apple juice is too apple-y" and he hasn't' liked it for about 6 months now. So strange! For a while it was milk, then water, and now he is loving orange juice and grape juice because grandma always keeps those on hand.

 He hasn't formally had to take a nap since he turned three, but every time we get in the car to go home from daycare/preschool around 2:30, like clockwork he falls asleep. Every.time. unless he has food and or an electronic device to play on.

I love you Knoxie, you have brought so much joy to us. There is never a dull moment with you around that is for sure! I could not imagine my life without you in it and I so look forward to seeing you become a wonderful big brother!

27 April, 2015

Knox's Minecraft Party

Yesterday we threw Knox his minecraft party. Knox is OBSESSED with minecraft. He talks about it all the time. He dreams about it. He lives and breathes everything minecraft. So of course a minecraft party is only appropriate.

He loved the "Potions"! Dane informed me not to drink the green ones because those are "die" potions apparently. Whoops I didn't know!

I think he looks like his daddy here!
This was the "creeper toss!" where you throw balls into the creepers mouth or eyes.

Homemade pinata made out of cereal boxes and paper mached over it.
On the menu was Dr. Pepper Pulled pork, Cream cheese slow cooker corn, watermelon and chips BBQ chips (Knox's favorite!)

Grandma Rhonda got Knox the most awesome army outfit and bazooka. He LOVES to play army!
Pinata time!

My version of a creeper cake, the hersheys on top ended up being a nightmare because every kid wanted the chocolate on top and we had hack the whole cake up to get a piece of chocolate on each piece. ha!
Knox had so many friends and family members over and we are so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate him. He LOVED the party and that makes it all worth it.
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