12 December, 2015

A big long update!

I have been so worried about makng sure that Jaxson has all of his monthly updates that I haven't been very good about updating on everything else! Lets go all the way back to when Jaxson was born.

The boys adjusted really well to gaining a little brother. Dane was really excited from the get-go, Knox was a bit more unsure about what exactly that meant for him and how things would change for him. He started to get more excited as time went on and we talked about the baby enough to get him to understand. He still didn't really go near him or hold him for about a month. He loved him from afar. HA!

But he has definitely came around!

A couple weeks after Jax was born Dane started swimming lessons. This was the true test of getting 3 kids out and about when Derek is busy with work. Yikes!

He picked it up really easily, as we knew he would. He was long overdue for some swimming lessons but he had never been interested until this year. And I am not all about making kids do things they don't want to do so that way you don't develop a stigma about it and never will like it again!

We spent the 4th of July with Derek's brother and his family and his step-mom and brother. We (meaning they) let off fireworks at our house and then we headed to Randolph for their firework show. The boys loved it! Jaxson was very good.

watching fireworks

During the 4th of July celebration, Dane also around the same time finally learned to ride his bike without training wheels! He was long overdue for that as well, btu he had never been interested in riding his bike much until his friends started showing up at his house with their big bikes and he had to learn.

In late July,We met up with our friends at the fair and it rained cats and dogs most of the time. But the boys had fun!

August marked the start of Dane's 1st grade year! His teacher was Mrs. Wendland but she had just had a baby and so she was gone for the first couple of months that he was in school. We also loved his fill-in teacher "Ms. J". She seemed to be really good!

He brought his teacher an apple to back-to-school night. He is so sweet!

He is doing great in school. This year has been a much better transition than last year. He is not at all anxious about going to school, even though he still does have issues with getting his feelings hurt, it is way less intense than last year. He just takes everything so personally, that if someone so much as doesn't follow the rules in tag, he feels like he "has no friends". But in all reality, he has a ton of friends. Every day he has at least one friend over. Definite perk of living in a small town right in the the heart of town. And all the kids in the neighborhood think he has all the good stuff. haha! Derek and I really want our kids to hang out here at our house so we can keep an eye on what they are doing.

 He actually got his first love letter recently. :)

Back off girls, he is still mine for a while! :)
 Knox, Dane, and his friend Owen

Dane's strongest subject is math, but he is also amazing at spelling and reading. He has only missed 1 word on his weekly spelling tests, the whole time he has been in school!

 Shortly after school started Dane expressed interest in joining boy scouts. 
 He had to work hard to sell popcorn and he was VERY shy about it at first but thankfully after breaking the ice he turned it around. His goal as at least $500 and he sold close to $700 worth. After popcorn sales were over though, he decided that boy scouts weren't for him at this time. I struggled with letting him quit but I went to those meetings and I have to say it doesn't seem very interesting to a 6 year old kid who just wants to play. Yes they had camp outs, and all kinds of outings, but he still wasn't into it. I can't say that I blame him. Who knows if he will come back to it in the future.

In early October Riley had their fall festival. Another perk of living where we live is that we are right in the middle of the action. Literally. They have a car show right in front of our house , and the main road has lots of fun stuff!

Dane had to sell popcorn for a while at the festival!

Dane tried and tried and tried to get to the top. He finally did it! Knox tried also, but didn't make it that far! 

Knox was more into the big ol slide! You can't tell how big this is on the photo, I was surprised he was not freaked out!

In mid-October we had our family photos done by Krystal Lenz Photography. She has done our photos in the past and we were happy to get them done with our newly added baby :).

It did not go very smooth. I had to go to town the day before and pick out a new outfit because I didn't care for what I had picked out two months ago, and I still wasn't very happy with it but oh well. Knox was being his usual diva self and that made it a little more difficult and Jaxson was still pretty small to look and smile so we got what we got, and I am SO happy with them. They are as close to real life as you get. Life with 3 small boys is hectic and chaotic and our family photos will never look perfectly posed.

 The last one is my favorite! Love, love, love these crazy boys. I am so thankful for this wonderful family I have been blessed with! I wouldn't change a thing.

In late October we went to the Zoo for trick-or-treating. The boys had a good time, especially because they met up with their cousins in like on the way in!

The next weekend we headed to a pumpkin patch. I think it was called A&R pumpkin patch in Mahattan and I don't really recomment it. I thought it was really ghetto for what we paid. But the boys liked the "friendly fire" which was something like paintball guns converted to shoot nerf balls. Dane LOVED it.Knox was a little small to hold up the guns. He loved the big slide.

Dane's stone face on the zipline! He was a little freaked but didnt' want to admit it.

Knox was all about riding in the cart until he realized who was next to him. He and Knox both refused to get a picture with Willy the wildcat! Can you believe that?!

They mastered the corn maze!

 Halloween came quick. We didn't carve pumpkins until the day of.

 Derek worked really hard fixing up the front porch and front of the house for trick-or-treaters. There is more that we want to do but we will just add on next year! All of the trick-or-treaters commented on how cool the decorations were. That was awesome.

Me and Jax stayed in and passed out candy while the bigs went trick-or-treating. It was fun!

 We hosted Thanksgiving for the second year for my dad, and Dereks step-mom and brothers. We loved how low-key it was and I really couldn't have asked for it to go any smoother. I didn't throw my back out like last year, and i did a lot of prep beforehand.
 On Thanksgiving my sister and er family came to visit from the Florida keys. Thiis was their first time meeting Jax!

It just happened to ice storm right when they got here, welcome home?!  lol.
It was a really nice visit and I was sad to see them go. I really miss them all but know they are having the time of their lives down there!

After Thanksgiving we put up our tree. We put it up a lot earlier than I imagined we would, mostly because we have a cat that likes to mess with it. Strangely enough she has not messed with it too much, fingers crossed.

My kids get to pick a new ornament every year these are the ones they chose this year, a WII controller and a remote controller. Lord help me.

Last night was Dane's Christmas program at his school. It was the sweetest thing ever. He even ha a speaking part.
 I think this photo makes him look 12.

So now we are all caught up! Hopefully I won't get so far behind again but no promises.


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